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MGF Ohio Support Group
4142 Highland Dr.
Mogodore Ohio 44260
MG National Chapter

The Ohio Chapter, Myasthenia Gravis Foundation officially disbanded at the end of 2012, but help is still here. Volunteers are out there and willing to help you understand and cope with this neuro-muscular disease. Visit this site for meeting times and other MG related information.


Cleveland Group:
Gloria Diane Mondok, 440-835-1521 or

Stark-Summit Group:
Ruth AlbertelliI, 330-628-2148 or

Columbus Group:
Jane Eickholt, 614-732-5930
Allen Williamson, 614-565-2202

Cincinnati Group:
Sharon Meyer, 513-242-7442
Sue and Jack Paas, 513-831-7307

What is Myasthenia Gravis (MG)? MG is a serious neuro-muscular disease. It manifests itself by varying degrees of voluntary muscle weakness.

Symptoms include drooping eyelids, double vision, slurred speech, difficulty chewing, swallowing, talking, walking or breathing. The disease and its symptoms result from a defect in transmission of the nerve impulse to the muscles at the nerve-muscle junction in the body. MG has no know cause or cure.

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